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Geekzilla Podcast: The Ultimate Destination for All Things Geek

Geekzilla Podcast: The Ultimate Destination for All Things Geek

Could it be said that you are a self-declared nerd who cherishes everything connected with mainstream society, innovation, and gaming? Do you end up continually looking for new podcasts to take care of your voracious hunger for all things nerdy? Look no further than Geekzilla Podcast – the final location for everything nerd.

With a group of enthusiastic and educated has, Geekzilla Podcast offers a novel mix of diversion, data, and local area for nerds, everything being equal. From inside and out conversations on the most recent motion pictures and Television programs to interviews with industry specialists, this podcast has something for each kind of nerd. So sit back, unwind, and let us take you on an excursion through the universe of Geekzilla.

1. The Beginnings of Geekzilla Podcast

How it All Began

Geekzilla Podcast was established in 2018 by a gathering of companions who shared a typical love for all things nerdy. They saw an absence of value podcasts that provided food explicitly to the nerd local area and chose to make up for that shortcoming themselves. With their consolidated information and enthusiasm, they set off to make a podcast that wouldn’t just engage yet in addition illuminate and associate with individual nerds.

The Evolution of Geekzilla

Which began as a little purposeful venture and immediately developed into an undeniable podcast with a committed following. As the prominence of the podcast developed, so did its substance. What started as a show zeroed in exclusively on films and Television programs before long extended to cover subjects, for example, computer games, comic books, and innovation. Today, Geekzilla Podcast is an all-inclusive resource for every nerd, offering a different scope of content for its audience members.

The Team Behind the Mic

Every individual from the group offers an interesting viewpoint and skill of real value, making for a balanced and connecting listening experience. From film buffs to tech masters, the hosts of Geekzilla Podcast are proficient as well as engaging, causing audience members to feel like they’re important for the discussion.

2. What Sets Geekzilla Podcast Apart

A Diverse Range of Topics

Something that makes Geekzilla Podcast stand apart from other nerd-driven podcasts is its different scope of subjects. While many podcasts center around one explicit area of nerd culture, Geekzilla covers everything. Whether you’re into the most recent hero films or the freshest computer games, there’s something for everybody on this podcast.

In-Depth Discussions

Geekzilla Podcast values giving top-to-bottom conversations on the most recent news and deliveries in the realm of nerd culture. The hosts don’t simply skim the surface; they dig profound into the subtleties, expressing their experiences and impressions on different subjects. This makes for a more instructive and interesting listening experience for the crowd.

Engaging Interviews

Notwithstanding their normal episodes, Geekzilla Podcast additionally includes interviews with industry specialists and powerhouses. These meetings offer an in-the-background gander at the universe of nerd culture and give significant bits of knowledge from the people who are affecting the business. From entertainers and chiefs to game designers and comic book specialists, these meetings allow audience members an opportunity to hear from their #1 makers and get more familiar with their specialty.

3. How to Get Involved with Geekzilla Podcast

Join the Community

Geekzilla Podcast has serious areas of strength for a functioning local area of audience members who share an adoration for all things nerdy. By joining the local area, audience members can associate with similar people, partake in conversations, and even recommend points for future episodes. The podcast likewise has a presence via virtual entertainment stages like Twitter and Instagram, where audience members can draw in with the hosts and remain refreshed on the most recent episodes.

Become a Patron

For the individuals who need to help the podcast and get to select substance, Geekzilla offers a Patreon participation. By turning into a supporter, audience members can get early admittance to episodes, and reward content. This is an extraordinary way for fans to show their help and help the podcast keep on developing.

Advertise with Geekzilla

On the off chance that you’re a business hoping to arrive at a specialty crowd of nerds, promoting with Geekzilla Podcast is an extraordinary open door. With a committed and drawn audience base, your image will get the opportunity to contact a designated crowd of energetic nerds who are consistently watching out for new items and administrations.


What makes Geekzilla different from other geek podcasts?

Geekzilla stands apart for its different scope of points, inside and out conversations, and drawing in interviews with industry specialists.

How frequently are new episodes delivered?

New episodes are delivered consistently, with periodic extra episodes and meetings in the middle between.

Can I suggest a topic for an episode?

Totally! The hosts are consistently open to ideas from their audience members and frequently think about them while arranging future episodes.

Are there any age restrictions for listening to the podcast?

While the podcast is geared towards grown-ups, there are no express or mature topics talked about, making it reasonable for all ages.

Can I become a guest on the podcast?

Geekzilla sometimes includes visitors on their show, and they are consistently open to hearing from expected visitors. You can contact them through their site or online entertainment stages.


Geekzilla Podcast is something other than a podcast; a local area of energetic and proficient nerds who love to impart their contemplations and insights on all things quirky. With a different scope of points, drawing in conversations, and a group of skilled hosts, this podcast is an unquestionable necessity for any individual who views themselves as a nerd. So the thing would you say you are sitting tight for? Check out the Geekzilla Podcast today and join the discussion!

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