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Third Time Lucky: How I Conquered WordPress

Third Time Lucky: How I Conquered WordPress

Third time lucky how I conquered WordPress have you ever felt like you were banging your head against a wall when it came to creating a website on WordPress? I know I have. But after three tries, I finally figured out how to make it work. In this article, I’ll share my journey with you and provide tips and tricks for anyone struggling to make WordPress work for them.

Background: My First Two Attempts

Before we get into my successful attempt, let me give you some background on what went wrong with my first two tries.

Attempt #1: Overwhelming Customization Options

When I first tried to create a website on WordPress, I was overwhelmed by the number of customization options available. I spent hours trying to figure out what each option meant and how it related to my website. I ended up choosing a theme that looked nice but didn’t really fit my needs.

Attempt #2: Lack of Technical Knowledge

On my second attempt, I decided to hire a developer to create my website for me. While the developer was skilled, I felt like I was completely out of the loop when it came to making changes or updates to my website. I didn’t have the technical knowledge to understand what was going on behind the scenes.

Third Time’s the Charm: What Worked

So what did I do differently the third time around? Here are the steps I took:

Step 1: Research

Third time lucky how I conquered WordPress and before diving headfirst into WordPress, I spent some time researching best practices for creating a website. I found articles and tutorials that explained common mistakes and how to avoid them. This research helped me feel more confident in my ability to create a website that met my needs.

Step 2: Choose the Right Theme

Instead of choosing a theme based solely on looks, I focused on finding a theme that had the features I needed. For example, I knew I wanted a theme with a built-in contact form, so I narrowed my search to themes that had that feature.

Step 3: Utilize Plugins

Plugins are one of the most powerful features of WordPress. I spent some time researching and testing out different plugins until I found the ones that worked best for me. Some of the plugins I use include Yoast SEO (for optimizing my content), WPForms (for creating custom forms), and MonsterInsights (for tracking website analytics).

Step 4: Learn the Basics of HTML and CSS

While you don’t need to be an expert in HTML and CSS to create a website on WordPress, having a basic understanding can be incredibly helpful. I spent some time learning the basics and found that it made it much easier to make small tweaks to my website.

Step 5: Take Advantage of Online Resources

There are countless tutorials, forums, and communities dedicated to helping people create websites on WordPress. Whenever I ran into an issue or had a question, I turned to these resources for help. Not only did they provide valuable information, but they also helped me feel less alone in my struggles.

Tips for Conquering WordPress

If you’re struggling with WordPress, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Do your research before diving in.
  2. Choose a theme based on functionality, not just looks.
  3. Utilize plugins to add features and improve performance.
  4. Learn the basics of HTML and CSS.
  5. Take advantage of online resources for help and support.


Creating a website on WordPress can be a daunting task, but it’s not impossible. By taking the right steps and utilizing the right tools, anyone can create a website that meets their needs. Remember, third time’s the charm!


Q1. Is WordPress hard to learn? A1. While there is a learning curve, WordPress is relatively easy to learn compared to other website builders.

Q2. Do I need technical knowledge to create a website on WordPress? A2. While some technical knowledge can be helpful, it’s not necessary. There are plenty of resources available for beginners.

Q3. Can I create a professional-looking website on WordPress? A3. Absolutely! With the right theme and plugins, you can create a website that looks and functions just as well as one created by a professional developer.

Q4. How much does it cost to create a website on WordPress? A4. The cost can vary depending on your needs, but typically ranges from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

Q5. Can I switch my WordPress theme after I’ve already created my website? A5. Yes, you can switch your theme at any time. However, be aware that changing your theme can affect the look and functionality of your website.

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